Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sidekick In NYC

The phone that every teenager seems to carry around. The new thing in 2009 . The Sidekick. This phone has become not only the new thing but the new target of choices for thieves.

" A 21 year old man recently walked along Orchard and Hawthorn streets, when a stranger approached and asked for a cigarette. The man felt uneasy and tried to run away for his sidekick." as it was said in the article thats 1 out of many times people got robbed for their phone.

According to police reports, there have been 12 to 16 robberies in New Bedford this year in which someone was accosted for a Sidekick.

I think sidekicks are a lot of fun to have but is something that its hard to not be in danger while you own one in the city. I personally have one and i got robbed in the street once and 2 times in school (they went in my bookbag).The city seems to always bring something negative to those things that are suppose to be fun.

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