Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For some people having homeless in the NYC is a joke they find it entertaining to the point that they have a website with homeless people with their pictures and names.Its sad to see does people roam around without a stable house and certain with drug addictions. Having Homeless crusing around NYC has becomes a habit something that you would never thought a city with nice lights and building will be surrounded by.

NYC 'Preppie Killer' Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

A man called Robert Chamber known as the preppie Killer who was roamed around the city was put in jail once again after already serving 15 years in prison for strangling a woman in central park in which he called rough sex. After being found guilty to selling drugs the Manhattan district attorney's office said "Chambers is promised 19 years and four months in prison when he is sentenced on Sept. 2." Robert Chamber and his girlfriend were charged for dealing with cocaine out of their apartment in 2007.

Comment: People like Robert Chambers could walk around you in the City and you would not notice in how much risk of being in danger your in . Things like this happen on the regular in the city and its something scary and unsecure to be around.

Definition Of Many Teens in The City!

This is what you sometimes see on some teenagers life in the city stuff that the city probiteds them with.

Young Gangs

This document which is written by Mark Berkey-Gerald in May 5,2001 shows information about youth Gangs in our city. And how its harming teenagers now and days and it explains why teenagers decide to take that path.


I Was born in Puerto Rico, left at the age of 7 and since then I lived the rest of my life in a place that's consider the city where nobody sleeps ; NEW YORK CITY! When you're in the highway and you look at all those lights you fall in love with the city. It looks beautiful and full of life. All those lights really fools you I know I was the first time I stepped New York. I saw it as marvelous place that many will give their lifes to be in. But I never put myself to think of all the wasted of lifes that occurred there .
I'm a seventeen years old that lives in the Bronx and everywhere I go around the city i carry my phone to communicate with my mother and for her to make sure I'm safe. Now and days is not even safe to carry a phone around because when you lease expect it it will be snatch out of your hands or even get pressed to give it away. This is what this city offers me in life; to be scared to use my phone when is needed, to look around in every type of angle to know whats around me because I don't know what could happen in any second. Its sad to see all those drug addicts and homeless considering the train stations their shelter. It's ridiculous how gangs is what define teenagers these days. and it embarrasses me of girls my age giving their bodies away for money.
This is stuff I sometimes run into in the city that city that's supposedly enchanting by its building,people, fashion and lights. How is it possible for a city with so much light to be surrounded with so much darkness. All the lights from the city flashes you away from reality.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prostitution In Our City.

As I was searching for some abnormal events that happen in our city I found this article Of a girl who was 14 years old and was having sex with men for money when you read the article you see all the parts of the city that she names. In all those places she prostituted herself. Sometimes you don't really notice that things like this happen in our city. Our wonderful city carries so many negative and most of the time we are not even familiar with them. If you want to know more about this article the LINK is in the bottom.