Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poop In NYC (Opinion)

around 187th in Authur st theres a block called the SHIT block because every space in the block is full of poop. I always wonder why is it that the bronx in the most abanded borough in NYC. Is it us the people in it or is it the lack of attention the goverment gives the bronx.

People seem to litter a lot in the bronx walking down in the street and seeing a piece of crap in the floor its a normal thing for us. It has become part of the bronx. We even try to find something positive of it since we have so much of it. " if you step on crap that means good luck". Isnt that pathetic?

Sometimes i look at the city and its not like we all really see in the pictures. The only positive thing from it its the lights and the high buildings. When it comes to negative i could go on forever. Thiefs,Littering,Poop,Bums ECT but for some reason i still love to live in it. If you asked me I am a Bronx girl and love even the negative things from it.

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